Executive Director

Sri.G.ChandhraShekhar Yadav

Sri. G. Chandhra Shekhar Yadav, Executive Director of SMIBM & SMEC , is a well experienced and eminent academician and a successful entrepreneur. He is the overall incharge of daily activities and a key part of every decision making process of SMIBM & SMEC . Mr. G. Chandhra Shekhar Yadav is highly enthusiastic and committed to the goals of SMIBM & SMEC and expresses this commitment through his outstanding dedication to the studentís cause. He believes that the duty of a true academician is to create a brilliant generation next. Mr. G. Chandra Shekhar Yadavís effective leadership qualities and management skills have created a conducive atmosphere of harmony and overall development of every student who is part of SMIBM & SMEC .

Executive Board Members

               Sri.M.Rajashekhar Reddy                Sri.G.RajaShekhar Yadav

The Executive Board Members of SMIBM & SMEC are bringing the college into the new dimensions of professional education.These young dynamic minds posses a deep passion for success and they maintain the tradition that is being carried out by the founders.This is nothing but the right blend of good old values with the best modern thoughts. All the Executive Board Members of SMIBM & SMEC are outstanding performers and professionals

               Sri.Ch.MahendharReddy                              Sri. G. Jaikishan Yadav

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